UI/UX Design

  • Customer: Vkontakte
  • Year: 2015
  • Program created:
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zak1.png, 3,5kB
Creating an application for downloading and
listening to music in Vkontakte. We have granted
full access to music features of the application.
The app has a direct link to your account in the
social network. So you can listen to your favorite
music as well as music of your friends!

Instant play of music from your playlist. You can listen to music in offline mode if you listened to this song before through the network.

Add songs to your playlist. The app synchronizes it with your Vkontakte page.

ONLINE MUSIC Listen to your music directly from the social network. Direct adaptation with the website will allow you to find almost any kind of music.

Download songs to your phone or SD card in one touch.

FULL compatibility You can use the app both on Android and iOS.

NEW player We have created a more user-friendly and functional interface. Even the most demanding user will not be indifferent.

Icon design We have developed several design options for the application in various sizes.

YOUR friends Find your friends through the app. Listen to or download their favorite songs.

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